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Pizza Review
Alright Frankie we are at Saint islands pizza (Detroit Style) on Dundas st west in Toronto (pizza review time Feb 18th 7:10pm)... dodgy part of town ... Saint Island Pizza ... just an awesome pizza and the Detroit Style is on point ... Crisco cheese crust and serious flavours they offer -> one bite everyone knows the rules -> fresh sauce , little bland but good .... the pie is nice and thick but the cheese wasn’t that great and there is a coconut after taste that’s not great ... if this is Detroit with an island vibe ? I get it ... it’s unique and not authentic Detroit Style and the other Detroit Style Pizza in Toronto that we tried was 8mile ... it was really good and they should of gotten a score in the 7s but the tiny tomato’s were not the same as the sauce 8mile used and the contrast was to great and it went from a 7.4 to a 6.4 for that reason .... saint island pie is a 6.1 (professional score) and there’s no story to explain the score ... 8mile is a true traditional Detroit pie .... the saint island pie is a coconut tasting pizza ... the undercarriage had char but the corners were burnt ... it did have zero flop ... ( some would call it discoloured coconut pizza dough Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t)... 1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 ~> 6.1 Saint Island Pie Pizza Place -> not a great part of town -> not a traditional Detroit Pie but a good pie and did eat the entire thing ... if lived near here ... we’d eat here all the time ... solid pie ... 6.1 that’s a review!