Pizza Review
I have been to both locations and not much difference if any between their pies. Since I have been picking up Dave’s just one bite reviews on my FB feed I have been dying for a good NY style pie and San Biagio’s is the closest place around. Just one bite. It’s a good pie, the thing that kills the score is the sauce. It’s not the best it kind of fights against the good crust, and cheese. Not as oily as some have complained on yelp. They were getting pretty busy for an early Friday night and yet my pie was ready in 10 minutes as I waited outside. Staff was friendly but I just can’t get past the sauce. Can’t put my finger on it, it’s not like there is to much oregano or garlic there is something that is just off. Not as good of a Pizza as Joey’s in La Verne but they are two different pies.