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Pizza Review
Okay, time for another pizza review. This one is gonna be pretty interesting. I’m at Son of a Peach in Burlington. This is the highest rated pizza place in Ontario according to the One Bite app. This is a must review. The decor is nice, it’s a pretty cool place right in the heart of Village Square. It’s fancy food yet accessible and casual. We ordered the Bee Sting pie. It has spicy salami, honey, bee pollen, mozzarella and oregano. Football pizza this is NOT. It’s another Neapolitan style fancy pizza. I’m already conflicted. I know it’s going to be good but once you’ve tasted one Neapolitan you’ve had them all. I know that’s controversial but it’s kinda true. Instead of the Bee Sting they bring us the Meatza which is the meat lovers pizza. We tell the wait staff and the manager/owner quickly fires another pizza for us and also gives us the Meatza for free. We offered to pay and and actually apologize for the fuss but the manager was having none of it. She was overly kind and treated us really well. What could have been kind of awkward was handled super professionally and made us feel at home. Well done Son of a Peach. Disclaimer though... it’s 34 degrees outside and this place has no A/C. I am literally melting in here. I feel that might cause a .2 deduction for heat prostration. The pizza itself is off the hook delicious. I know it’s not fair because we ordered a fancy pizza and not a pepperoni which is my standard for reviews. So sue me. I had to impress the wife and we were not disappointed. The spicyness from the salami, the sweetness from the honey, the crisp crust and chewy Neapolitan style dough. Everything here is perfectly contrasted and balanced. The sauce is rich and the right amount of acid. All quality stuff. The score. I’m having trouble here. It’s a great pizza but it’s Neapolitan. They’re all kinda the same and almost always quality but they sort of have a high floor and low ceiling. I’m going 8.2. This is one of the best pizzas i’ve had in Hamilton area for sure but I can’t put it up in the high 8’s or 9’s. The price is outrageous. $25 for a pizza. I can’t complain though because it’s worth it for the food and atmosphere. BONUS REVIEW*** The garlic knots are ridiculously indulgent and addictive. Like a crazy bread on steroids. — 9.1. The highest score I’ve given anything to this point. The meatballs were also spot on. Not the best i’ve ever had but definitely top 5. — 8.5. This place is a gem but please, please turn on the air conditioning.