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Pizza Review
Not the best-looking pizza to begin with, this is a gigantic, thick, heavy, doughy, soft, spineless, sloshy, sloppy, mushy hot mess. Weighing a ton, this pie has no crisp, no firmness or backbone. There is just the slightest crunch in the thick & doughy crust that’s COVERED in their signature sesame seeds, a major turnoff for me. I don’t need my pizza to taste like a sesame bagel or Italian breadstick. Not to mention, sesame seeds are the glitter of the food world; that crap gets EVERYWHERE! I don’t want sesames on the crust, underneath or anywhere near my pizza. Notwithstanding that debacle, the dough is super soft, way too thick, unbelievably heavy, floppy & flimsy, lacking char & crisp. One particularly weighty component is the mozzarella cheese, which I believe is Grande mozz. Wonderfully creamy & moltenly melty, the flavor is fantastic but there’s just too much cheese piled atop. Thick & heavy, the volume of the mootz needs to be dialed back significantly to accommodate the weak dough base. Along with the annoying sesame seeds, the amount of mozzarella highjacks this entire pie. Aided by some moderate grease flow, the cheese sloshes around, slipping & sliding off each slice with every bite. Thick, hearty & chunky, the sauce is also substantially sweet, with decent seasoning & kick, generously spread to help balance the pie among the mountain of mozzarella & bulky dough. The flavor of the sauce & quality of cheese saves this score from total disaster. Overall, the limp texture of the dough, combined with the excessive amount of mozz & abundance of pesky sesame seeds is just too much for this pie to overcome. I don’t mind soft pizza but the dough has to be strong enough to support the other ingredients. All in all, this is a mediocre, marginally tasty, floppy, sloppy, textural abomination. There are far better football pizza options in the borough of Queens.