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Pizza Review
Opened in May of 2016, they offer 12” personal size wood-fired brick oven bar pies & Neapolitan pizzas. Even though the dough is made fresh by hand, it gives off frozen pizza vibes. Mostly firm & somewhat soft in the middle, the dough is floury underneath & rather light, with a mega charred, basically burnt-to-a-crisp crust. Almost too hard to chew & impossible to fold, the crust is torched to the extreme. I’m not sure how it got so beyond scorched compared to the rest of the pie which isn’t remotely singed. The cheese is an atrociously bad shredded mozzarella blend on par with frozen pizza consistency. Mostly oily & salty, the mozz is hardly tasty, very tight & rigid with a well-done texture, void of any creaminess. Not exactly sweet, lacking tang & spice, the sauce is basically a can of bland tomato paste, devoid of any real flavor, to go along with a ketchup-like consistency. Even though this looks like a very solid bar pie, it doesn’t deliver in any facet; with poor quality ingredients & a lousy cooking process that creates an unbalanced texture. I thought this would be a sneaky good bar pie spot; but it turned out to be a swing & a miss. Not pictured, I also tried their Margherita pizza, which was basically their regular cheese pie with some clumps of fresh mozzarella, sliced whole tomatoes & basil leaves atop. Because it was a total atrocity compared to the cheese pizza, I won’t even bother to include it in the overall rating (but it was assuredly sub-5s). My expectations going in weren’t too high but I really thought I was going to like this pie. Majorly disappointing, you’re better off making a frozen pizza at home.