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Pizza Review
Let me tell you something about this pizza okay? It’s good... It’s real good. Who would’ve thought there would be pizza like this in Mississippi? I don’t recall Mark Twain ever writing about sweet tomato and cheese pies along the Mississippi. Either way, if you never heard of them having some good pizza, well now you did. I’m just passing through this place because it’s a rest stop for me during a trip I gotta do for work and decided to look up the best restaurants in Jackson. This place popped up and it seemed perfect to do a pizza review here. Well lemme tell ya, it was a good decision. I’m very proud of myself and I hope you are too because you should be happy for me. I would be happy for you too if you made the same decision so you should be happy for me. That’s just how this works. Anyway, I’ll start the review. The crust, probably the worst part of the pizza and I’ll tell you why. The crust ratio at the end of the slice is way too much. There’s too much crust at the end of the slice and too top it off, it’s all too doughy. With that being said, it’s got some decent flavor though. It’s got a charry slightly burnt taste and it’s got that residual flour on it that I like. So good job with the flavor, it’s just too much and too doughy. Probably the worst stuff I have to say about it though. The cheese to sauce ratio is prefect in my mind which means it’s perfect. The cheese has some above average flavor. Not sure what they did with it and I’m terrible at explaining cheese but fuck you it’s good. The sauce is holy shit. Who made this? And I mean that in a good way. It tastes like how I expect it to be back at home and it brought a tear to my eye. It reminded me of my friends and family who I haven’t seen for over a year and how I haven’t seen them since because of this whole Corona crap. I then had to go to the bathroom to hide my ugly cry from everyone despite the fact of me already being alone in my hotel room. Then the lonely reality of me eating pizza a thousand miles away from my family in a hotel room by myself made me cry even more. It made me feel small and juvenile again. I was then reminded of the movie “Big” starring Tom Hanks. The scene where he becomes an adult and is unrecognizable to his mom and kicked out of his house. Tom Hanks’ character then finds a hotel room in New York City and cries in his pillow as the reality of being a sad lonely grown ass man hits him. That’s me right now. I’m Tom Hanks but with pizza... so thanks you got some really good sauce. So there’s my review. If you ever are in town, I recommend stopping by this place. Also, I had the crab beignets too. I have no clue how to pronounce them because I’m not French but they’re to die for. Get them too. Also don’t worry, I ate them after I ate the pizza. So don’t worry about my review being invalid because I had the taste of crab beignets in my mouth. I know you were very concerned so I just had to address it. Ok that’s my review. Go eat some pizza.
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