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This is my first review for One Bite but not not my first pizza review. I've been reviewing Chicagoland pizza before social media, If my goal was to try them all I'd have more in the bag than the bucket. First things first, my scale of judging pizza has less to do with my preference and more to do with how it compares to what I believe is the PERFECT pizza. Let's talk about crust; Yo Ant-Knee!! This isn't New York.. Chi-Town has more than 1 crust and deep dish isn't King it's Tavern style. Turnabout was my childhood favorite, Well Turnabout II in Romeoville didn't matter the financial struggles in the house my Mother found a way to put Turnabout pizza on the table every Friday night, love you mom. It was like Christmas every Friday the anticipation of the doorbell ringing would put us in 'Praying to the Pizza Gods' dance that forbid us to sit down and act civil. Finally the flash of the headlight from the pizza guy graced our driveway, a calmness like the hand of God on my shoulder gave me comfort, The Time is Now. I took the 2 liter of Pepsi my mother handled the folded white paper package with the menu flapping in the wind like as if it was waving at me. There was little finesse in opening tonight's dinner, tear off the menu (collect 20 for a free pizza, what? they still do it today) put it in the free pizza drawer and dig it. So Nine point Five.. it's a big score, you think it's inflated due to nostalgia? No it's been as high as 9.9 and never lower than 9.2 this is a life time score. Turnabout is a Tavern style square cut with a hand rolled crust, the bottom is light crisp and the ends slight char when cooked to perfection, the sausage is great, I didn't notice fennel seed in my sausage last time (they definitely had it in back in the day) they onions where a little long (diced is preferred) I ordered all sausage, half green pepper & onion in picture. I pulled over a few miles down the road to try some hot as I don't live in the area. I always start with an end first, perfect balance of sauce, toppings and cheese the crust was crispy while still soft on the inside. Absolutely Amazing. Turnabout has been consistently making Outstanding pizza for 40 years, if you want a preview park outside and inhale the aroma they release in the atmosphere, it's intoxicating, you can taste it.