Pizza Review
One bite everyone knows the rules... One bite review: pretty floppy but not chewy. Tons of flavor from the cheese and the sauce. Could of been warmer. Flop: lots Undercarriage: typical wood fired charring. Temp: they said 15-20 min and I was there at 12. It was already in the box. It wasn’t cold but def not fresh from the oven temp. Cheese: excellent. Little grease but very flavorful. Sauce: savory and lots of taste. Good amount on the pie but I could always use some more. Crust: very tasty but not crisp. Overall: I think the temp was holding this particular one back. If it was cooked a little longer it could have bumped up 0.5-1.0. Overall 7.0. Good pie. I’ll be back. Maybe dine in is a different experience. Bonus: heated a second slice up on my stone and it was much improved.