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Pizza Review
Very sad to write this review. I first heard about Vito's pizza through his cousin Rocco, who takes care of my family cemetery plots back east. My family and I had been looking for good NY/NJ pizza in California since moving out here 15 years ago. We thought we had found it but after my most recent visit, I sadly won't be back. I ordered 3 pizzas and bread sticks for take out. My order totaled around $90. Expensive, but I was excited to share the pizza with my family. When I looked at my receipt I noticed an error, one I brought to the attention of the young man who had rung me up. He recognized the problem and was working to fix it when the "manager" stepped in. She didn't introduce herself but I later found out her name is Grace. She began by combatting what my question was trying to make me feel stupid as if; how could you be so stupid to believe this is an error. She immediately rose her voice and began yelling at me and embarrassing me in front of the entire shop. I'm a pretty easy going guy and I was mortified and didn't want to argue. She told me I should talk to Vito when he comes in the next day. When she told me this she yelled it at me with such condescension and vulgar attitude I thought she might spit in my pizza. I just said "ok". She actually scared me, I thought she might hit me. I've eaten here before so I know how it usually tastes, when I got the pizza home, it was inedible. I really think she might have sabotaged it in some way. I'm really not being dramatic. This happened a week ago yesterday, I didn't want to have to write a review on yelp because of my connection through the owners cousin so since then I have tried calling in to speak with Vito and tell him about my experience, I've left several messages, to no avail. I don't think I will ever be back. Just a really terrible experience with an unbalanced "manager".