Pizza Review
Ok, so the pizza is fantastic and for that reason I will give it a 8.2, but if I was eating my experience I would give it a 2.0. This was my first time at this place. I arrived early, no big deal I was prepared to wait, they asked me my name so I could pay, again no problem, but here is where the experience went sideways. The young girl I was paying, who was VERY nice, double checking my order and I said no I only ordered one pizza not two. They then said that my wife called back and added a second pizza, and I said that was impossible, my wife didn’t even know I was ordering a pizza, which she didn’t. They guy cutting the pizzas who appeared to be in charge asked when did you call and I told him the time based on my phone. He then went to his phone to check caller ID, because he did not believe me that my wife didn’t call. He said well you are early you will need to wait, again no problem. About 15 minutes later another guy walked in and they had his order wrong and he said his wife called back and added a pizza, hhhhmmmm, told you it was not mine. No apology, nothing. The guy cutting the pizzas was rude to this person also, your people screwed up, not me or the other person. Finally when my time was up, meaning when they told me it would originally be ready he grabs a pizza that was sitting there waiting for almost 20 minutes, which is when I walked in, and says, here’s your pizza??? Why was it sitting there for 20 minutes and then why did he make me wait? Why did I not get one out of the oven? He basically made me wait because he didn’t believe me, and then when he was wrong he gave me an old pizza. So my score is based on the pizza only, but the guy cutting the pizzas , needs to learn so manners. Sadly the the pizza is good but I don’t know if I will ever go back again because of being basically called a liar, which I am definitely not. I still have there pizza a fair score.
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