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I gave Jackson location 8.5 years ago. This baffles me. Crust- Weak link. Way too soft. Edges certainly better. Taste of crust alone good but not exceptional. Sauce- good but not exceptional. Not sweet at at all. Cheese- very good. The taste stands out. Maybe a bit too much for the ratio. Ratio- too much cheese. Seeing that the dough is too soft, there is simply too much dough. Thankfully the taste does not subtract. Execution- ok. Wish cheese and sauce was closer to edge. Middle slices way too soft. Not true at other location. Manny Trillo once said, “Sometimes you need a kick in the pants.” My point here is, clearly there is an issue with consistency. The other location blew my face off. Despite having rated other places higher, Jackson in my opinion is singularly the most perfectly executed pizza ever. Not the best taste, not even close. But the way they combine ingredients is simply amazing. This falls flat. That being said it’s good, but it does not justify travel.

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