Pizza Review
We watch this review once we got home, and my girlfriend things Portnoy is high giving this the rating of 8.9. The ambience was awesome, it was an old-school Italian social club type five. However the pizza just lacked in everything to us. If you live in Princeton, go to the University or whatever, great. However we would not put this in the category of “you must drive here”. A plain pie was $19, the medium pictured was about $15.65. We also got a small half pepperoni half sausage. Actually preferred the pepperoni and sausage pie, as the toppings weren’t restaurant supplier quality. They were really good. Just for Dave to have this listed two spots above Angelo’s Pizza in South Philly, is an absolute travesty. This place has indoor seating and the bar, so I guess that’s why it’s a little bit better. In the end we’d rather sit in our car eating Angelo’s pizza, then coming here again.