Pizza Review
Big Time Review! Had to supply Pizza for a group of about 40 ppl for our regional dog show specialty. I had people coming from as far off as Australia and I needed to show them the best I could offer. Not being a local I put on my detective hat and started the hunt. Delucias immediately stood out. The story of the business alone had me fucking falling in love with the place. The oven in this joint is 100+ years and is the size of two 57 Buicks. The use like a 14 foot spatula to pull the pizzas out of what looks like the breaches of Hell. The place is a community staple. I would be over the hill if this was my local slice joint. Not really football pizza but not really fancy pizza. This is a working mans pie. It puts in work Mon-fri 9-5 then goes home and cuts the lawn. The dough is unique. It's not distinctly flavorful in its own right but it's imperfections show the hand made love that goes into each pie. The char on the bottom of the crust is something only a 100+ year old oven can give you. Cheese was slightly underwhelming. It's great quality but alittle lacking in flavor. I loved the little bits of burnt cheese. Really gave it a home cooked feel. Sauce had decent tang but I would of liked to see alittle more. Could be an issue with ratios also. Overall this pizza was absolutely amazing. I would eat this pizza twice a week and then feed it to my in laws on Sunday. Def a solid reccomendation.