Pizza Review
My son and I visited after a youth hockey game with another father and son. We do not live in the area and made a special trip as we frequently visit highly rated Barstool Pizza review establishments. The restaurant is a traditional family restaurant with 100 year history according to the website. We specifically came for the thin crust pizza. It looked good and my son took the first slice. It was an endless string of cheese and very greasy. It tasted very bland, very floppy so much so I took a slice of sausage and all the cheese and sausage fell off on to another slice. Then the hour and fifteen drive home I had relentless indigestion. I must say David Portnoy of Barstool Sports clearly missed the mark or had a completely different pizza then we had. I have a relative who lives in Freehold and asked about the restaurant before visiting and they said the restaurant is overrated. If you are in the area may I suggest Brooklyn Square with 3 locations or Pete & Elda’s. That’s a review