Pizza Review
The cheese is a little greasy. The center is little doughy. Great crunchy crust. The cheese overpowers a sauce. I don’t think I tasted sauce on the first few bites. The sauce is more present on the outside edge. It tastes like a good sauce. I feel like it could be cooked us a little bit longer. The meatballs are fantastic. Somehow the meatball side has less greasiness. I think on the only cheese side they used more cheeses than on the meat side. The pizza wasn’t cut along the half line so two of the pieces are half-and-half which is weird. I sense some shiftiness based on a slice not “fitting” the pie and the cut edge not lining up at all. Two of the meat slices were completely soggy, and under them was a bunch of melted cheese and grease. Something not right happened on this order! This started out in the 8’s... but I’m finishing at 6.8.