Pizza Review
M Score: 5.8 Crust: 2.5 Cheese: 2.0 Sauce: 1.1 Bonus: .2 Ranch? No “REALLY salty. Cheese was good, just poorly covered on the pie. Lots of bites with no cheese. Crust is almost like a cracker, a delicious cracker. It’s unique, I’m probably rating it too high. Lastly, the way it is cut is so damn weird, really not into it.” J Score: 5.7 Crust: 2.2 Cheese: 2.0 Sauce: 1.0 Bonus: .5 Ranch? No “It’s like a very unwelcoming salty flavor. I like how the sauce has texture, it’s not smooth. I just can’t get past the saltiness. The mozzarella itself is fresh but also salty. If the cheese is salty, then the sauce shouldn’t be. Bonus awarded for fresh chopped garlic. It adds texture and an extra bite.” *Should be noted somewhere that the staff is really nice