Pizza Review
We drove two hours to try one of the highest reviews in the region. Farpie and I have eaten a lot of pizza over the years. We have a solid top 5 and top 10 with most being alike. But we vary on a few. Not on this place. We both agree that is is the tits. It is a top 5 for me now. This pizza won’t travel well. It is a must eat at the store. It is best right out of the oven, just like one of my other top 5’s -Tacconelli’s. And this pizza is the most like Tacconelli’s of any pizza I have had. And as to the straight cheese pizza, I give Jonny’s a slight edge. It is very close but Jonnys wins. Tacs has better specialty pizza, like the white and tomato pie. But on the pure cheese pizza, this is the best tavern slice as far as I am concerned. It tastes like childhood, like pure wonder in your mouth. Better than any New Haven shop. Just perfect . This was my unicorn. Tried to stop here twice before and so glad we finally made it.