Pizza Review
Listen...I'm all about being fair. And I am very open minded when it comes to pizza since I eat any pizza you throw at me...this place has a lot of hype. I got there at 12:15. 15 minutes before they opened, and there was a line outside. The first guy in line drove 3 hrs to get there and he told me that he thought that Johnny's was the best pizza in the entire country..bold statement. I'm gonna say this. Very different style of pizza then I'm used. It's a mind fuck because it was so different and so thin. When you got to the sauce and cheese you had an explosion in your mouth, but there was not much sauce or cheese on this pizza. I'm guessing it because the pizza is so thin they can't afford the risk of the extra weight on top. But, when you hit these ingredients they were very good. I would not travel 3 hrs for this pizza, but since it is a local spot, I am definitely thirsty for more. I feel like if it had pepperoni or some other topping it would have been a 9 for me. But overall great, and different pizza. The End.