Pizza Review
The most cracker thin, crispiest crust I've ever eaten, from center to cornicione. It's charred *all* over the crust, not just at the bottom. And it's saucy throughout yet not heavy in saucy flavor, tangy, sweet, or herbal. The sauce is as light as the sauce in a small can of Red Pack tomato sauce. By the way, there's no much grease in sight, so it all holds together beautifully and is light in weight. l'd bet you could crush a whole pie by yourself. So why this score? I think you'll dock points if you’re a fan of cheesy slices. I'm not. But it is light on cheese. Same if you're not as big of a fan of the incredible crispiness. (I am). I also think the sauce isn't seasoned much, which is fine. But I think I like strong flavors in the sauce either in the sweetness (of San Marzano tomatoes), tanginess from garlic/acidic tomatoes, or from the herbal flavor of the oregano or basil.