Pizza Review
John’s of Bleecker St! Finally made my way over to this legendary spot. There was a line when we arrived, but they mowed through the 15 or so people ahead of us in less than 15 minutes, super impressive. Ok. The review. This is tied for the best slice of pizza I’ve ever had (Sally’s in New Haven CT) everything about this pie was nearly flawless. The crust was super thin and crispy the entire way through and had really nice flavor to it. The ratios here were perfect. The sauce was fresh, clearly homemade and absolutely bursting with flavor and was in every bite! The cheese was outstanding. Super creamy, perfect amount of stretch and loaded with flavor. I took one bite, and felt like my taste buds and mouth were going to explode. I couldn’t be happier with this pizza. If you’re in New York and love pizza, this is an absolute MUST.