Look it’s a Chef JB review. The pizza was fucking fantastic to say the least. JB loves his SAUCE, so this one came with the heat. Lucali you snapped with the sauce. This sauce is the experience in its self, flavor OVERLOAD. Truly amazing from the fresh garlic, fresh basil, and amazing tomatoes. The cheese was hand pulled mozzarella and was the best cheese pull ever. The crust had the best crunch of my life. Buttttttt the line to get the reservation was ridiculous. Hour and half wait to get a seat at 10 pm like bruh come on Lucali. I get there is limited seats and I got to see David Beckham but come on. The pizza was fantastic, the waitress was absolutely in the right for her spot btw. Shoutout the wait line from 10/13. But the experience is a once in a lifetime mobster classic Italiano spot that is magnificent. Love you Lucali, but please make a line for a slice to-go. DP you did us well brotha. But fuck that line, also waitress next time I promise to have your back! CHEF JB-we outta here!