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Since 1970. Basically right across the street from Sorrento Pizzeria (1989), which I loved. And the vibe of Mario the Baker is old school, it’s a sit down restaurant and even buffet place on Sunday’s. Suggested you tip a bit even when you eat in for just a slice. Mini cannoli $1. On to the pizza…it’s pretty good. Main complaint I had was with the soupy/greasiness of the cheese. Other than that, crust was well done, thin, perfectly balanced between crunchy and airy, end crust was small, which I like. Sauce was tangy not sweet. Not pasty or chunky but not loose of light. I also had Bronx House and T’s and this was better than either. I don’t like bar pie or Greek, so I'm probably not going to Hope Pizza, Colony, or Riko’s. I like the variety of pizza in Stamford But I feel it should have New Haven style pizza because Greek, Bar Pie, and Specialty Pie joints seem to be the most interesting places, then you got your pick of which NY style places you think are the best. Can't wait for Sally's to open here.

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