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Pizza Review
With at least 6 artificially inflated scores of 10 or high 9s, unreasonable expectations have been placed upon this joint; and the bogus scores are clearly influencing many of the mid-to-high 8s that are not earned. Established in 2018, they use a Kuma Forni oven, which is a state of the art imported wood & gas burning Neapolitan oven with a rotating floor and temperatures upwards of 800° to cook the pizzas. They also use 3-day aged dough made from imported Italian flour in all of their pies. I’m not sure if it’s the type of dough or the lack of time spent in the oven, but this was some of the softest, most limp dough I’ve ever eaten…not an ounce of crisp. This is as doughy and soft as you could possibly make a cooked pizza. Loaded with a brownish flour caked underneath and around the chewy, crunchless crust; the texture of this pie is horrendous. At least they use housemade fresh mozzarella with a creamy, oozy, lava-like texture and fantastic flavor. I’m not sure what type of pizza they gave me; but it appears to be just cheese on top of the dough with practically no sauce. They say the sauce is made in-house as well but I couldn’t taste a lick of it; this pie is virtually void of any sauce or tomato taste. To make matters worse, the butter fat from the fresh mozz blend creates a vat of grease pooling within the cheese. With every bite, it was like an oil geyser gushing down my throat and dripping all over my hands. With the sauce MIA, the salty flavor from the excess grease prevails over all of the other ingredients. With the dough incredibly soft to begin with, the abundance of oil renders the pie unappetizingly mushy. Even looking past the fraudulent scores, this pizza was a monumental disappointment. The cheese is the only ingredient salvaging the overall rating from slipping into the sub-5s wasteland. I don’t mind a softer dough if it’s dynamically delicious, but this dough needs a heavy dose of crisping. Combine that with a stunning lack of sauce and putrid plethora of grease & oil; it’s just to much to overcome to make this pizza worth trying.