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Really good sauce and nice crisp

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Pizza Review
Established in 1984, Posa Posa has been serving pies in Rockland County for almost 40 years. The name is derived from the founder’s hometown of Positano, Italy and their top chef & partner brings experience from cooking on the Amalfi Coast in Italy as well. A regular large pizza here is a thick and doughy football style 18” pie. The undercarriage is firmish, no floppage with decent char while the rest of the dough is mostly soft. The crust has good crunch, certainly crispier than I expected, with respectable taste and texture all around from the dough & crust, just very thick. There’s virtually no grease on this pie, no drip, which leads me to believe they use a higher quality mozzarella. The cheese is melty, creamy, oozy, terrifically tasty…a delectable blend. The sauce is also sensational, bursting with flavor, solid spice, delicious and plenty of it to go around. With a fair amount of sauce in each bite, it definitely shines and carries the pizza. The sauce-to-cheese ratio is outstanding and balanced well with the dough. This is about as good as football pizza gets, just a little too thick. An uber filling pie, each slice is like eating a loaf of bread, just a bit too heavy to score higher. All in all, they use great ingredients; it’s a fantastically flavorful pizza that just misses the cut as travel-worthy. A thinner and crispier pie with this sauce & cheese would easily rate in the 8s. As it stands, this is strip mall football pizza that doesn’t dazzle but doesn’t disappoint either.