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Pizza Review
Salerno's Apizza, since 1947. I feel like this place is underrated. My guess is because it's in Stratford. Had the family stayed in Bridgeport, it would be more well known outside of it's own community. But make no mistake, this is a great old school Italian family style restaurant. This apizza recipe has been successful for years. I got what they call the "47 Scamorza". Obviously, it's a plain pie. But they use Scamorza cheese, which is a type of aged mozzerella. This is an excellent pie. Technically, this is an off menu item. But it's been their equivalent to a plain mozzarella pizza for decades. So make sure to ask for it, you can also specify that you want it thin and extra crispy. I just told them "well done" as a New Yorker. And boy, I'm glad I did—this is the kind of place you want as your go-to pizzeria. I'll start with the crust. To get this up front, the crust is not thin unless you ask for it. It's medium thin. Some may not like that. But I don't mind when a crust is medium thin if it has the open crumb and airiness without being thick and bready. This does. As you can see, it's charred but not too much. There are semolina seeds of the bottom and tons of goosebumps permeated throughout the crust. Cheese is more creamy, buttery, and milky than regular mozzerella. There's a lot on here. It somehow didn't ooze or become overwhelming. You have to think about it in the terms that the Scamorza *is* the topping to be enjoyed, not just a regular plain mozzarella pie. You get a healty layer of cheese, but it's not too much. Sauce was more neutral on the acidicity scale. I felt the pie in general needed more salt. It tasted much better as it cooled down. It's a medium chunky sauce. Not herbaceous or naturally sweet. It's not highly seasoned either. But there's plenty on it under the cheese. They got that right. I never felt like there wasn't enough sauce. Only that it lacked salt. You mostly taste the umami tomatoe flavor. That's enough here. So the cheese/sauce ratio is good. Last is the crust. It's nice, toasty charred goodness. It had moderate aeration, was not chewy, had blisters, and leoparding on the undercarriage. It's a good crust. I like this *better* than Pepe's plain mozzarella though that's who I see this apizza as most akin to. Dave needs to come here. I'm not saying this is the best apizza place ever. But it's got its own thing going since 1947.
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