Pizza Review
AMAZING. Cheese was ooohh ma so good and potato bacon was life changing! Both pizzas were above 9. Staff was super nice plus I got to meet ray Santiago (head pizzialolo) and Rick consiglio (son of sally), they gave me a free hat, and they let me go back to see the oven! After eating pepes in chestnut hill, I expected New Haven pepes to be similar. I didn’t love it, I believe I rated it 7.8 (crust was not very good at pepes, but Sally’s it was an A+) It was either Sally’s or modern that I was going to visit. Sally’s had a shorter line, and I am glad we came. I have heard modern is more heavy on the cheese, and I like a saucier, less heavy on the cheese pie. This was my jam. I wish they could open where I live. Guess I gotta rely on those frozen pizzas! Also, the interior is classy Italian. There was a Frank Sinatra poster, over looking our table. This was Sinatra’s favorite pizzeria.