Pizza Review
Excellent crust that’s hard to match. Cooked perfectly with great char and nice and thin. We ordered 3 large pies including 2 large cheese. First one we had was good but too light on the cheese so we missed out on having that flavor. As we ate the 2nd one it was actually better when it cooled down and had enough cheese this time to experience more of that flavor. I was debating with myself if it should cross into the 9’s but I decided against it because the only knock I could find against this is it is missing that delicious milky cheese flavor I really like. For example my review for Sauce pizzeria they had that excellent Milky cheese flavor mixed in with there great sauce and good crust so it crossed the 9 range for me. Otherwise Sally’s has the best crust I’ve had on a pizza. Only one that rivals it in my view is Johnnys of Mt Vernon which I still need to give a review. Overall a delicious pie and I highly recommend.