Pizza Review
This is for Sally's Stamford, CT. Will delete this review and transfer it to right location whenever they update the app to include Sally's Stamford. Not sure how the One Bite app updates with new locations. Been waiting for this one. Sally's Apizza! Almost in separable from Frank Pepe's. So I have that comparison in my mind. Only other apizza I've had is Brewport. Welp, the crispiness of this pie (The Mootz) is beaten by few. I think Johnny's in Mount Vernon, NY best it from what I've had so far. But it's in an elite class crunchy crispiness. I do think some people overrate that factor in a crust since Barstool but it's undeniably top tier. Now it's not an airy crust. But it's delicate and not chewy. And I don't think think you should go any more well done or charred than this. Pepe's barely seems charred by comparison. I'm not sure that's better though. The New Haven will kill me but I think for lots of people/your average persin, the char is almost too much here. Being cooked this much also dries out the pie a bit. Again, Barstool folks taking after Portnoy would praise how there's no "grease" and no flop. True. But I'm not so sure everyone wants a pie this devoid oil/wetness. Nobody wants a tasteless, greasy mess, yeah. But fat carries flavor. And olive oil is good on a pie. I'm loving the cheese to sauce ratio here. Saucy pie, like my favorites. And no end crust. It's such a well engineered and good looking pie. I'm out of order with how I usually format these reviews. But for a rundown of things I haven't mentioned: The sauce is chunky bits of tomatoes not runny or watery. What was only okay about that was that it's a neutral, umami tasting sauce when I'd've preferred a naturally sweet sauce to balance out the the charred flavor. That's something I really like about Pepe's Tomato Pie and Margarita Pie: natural sweetness balanced out by the charred bitterness and sharpness of the pecorino. Because of this I think most people coming from quintessential has oven NY style will prefer Pepe's pies overall. But Sally's makes a great Mootz pie. Better than Frank Pepe's. For me though, this isn't my ideal pizza, so I can't give it the 9+.