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Pizza Review
OK another quarantine review coming your way this time in Union New Jersey. I am at Saporito Pizza on route 22. I’ve seen this place here for about 1 million years but never stop bye but this time I thought I deserved a rating so let’s go. Overall I was pretty impressed with the crust it had a really nice crisp bite to it from top to bottom. Definitely was a grease trap but considering it didn’t soak through to the underbelly which is always good. Pretty decent consistency of cheese and sauce. A classic football pie slice. My knock on it is that it is a little flavorless. The cheese although well distributed kind of lacked some flavor which may indicate a poor quality of cheese and the sauce was also pretty bland. But all in all not a bad football slice. That crunch in the crust Wass it’s saving grace. 7.2 that’s the review OK bonus review time as you all know if you looked at my page I go to the classic Presidente style of just voting and reading the classic cheese but sometimes when something catches your eye you’re the lucky recipient of a bonus review. So today you were a lucky one. I’m going to rate the bruschetta slice because it was out on display and it looked like it had some promise. Overall I’m gonna go 6.7 . Was hoping for a much more but wound up a little underwhelmed mostly due to the fact that the cheese has the same bland Taste as a cheese slice it was helped out by a little pesto sauce and some fresh chopped bruschetta but the crust was also nice and crisp. That’s the review