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Pizza Review
Established in 1989, they haven’t been around nearly as long as their rival up the road, Mario The Baker, but over 30 years slinging pies ain’t bad. A family-run pizzeria, they have some old school rules: only open til 8pm, closed on Sundays and no delivery, takeout only. They make NY style pizza along with just about every Italian dish you can imagine. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the unique smell of the pie. After one bite, I realized it was the distinct flavor and odor of the sauce combined with the mozzarella producing the one of a kind smell. The sauce is homemade, very hearty, with chunks of diced tomatoes and a great mix of spices, making it the delicious, zesty, zippy, tangy, star of the pie. The mozzarella is outstandingly creamy and oozy, with a great lava like flow. While the sauce is a tad stronger in flavor and quantity, there is still good balance with the cheese, complimenting the sauce perfectly in taste. The dough is thickish, fairly firm, very tasty, nice char on the crust, with delicious crisp and texture. I prefer a slightly thinner pie but the thickness of this pizza is necessary to support the somewhat heavy ingredients. I can see the unique taste of this pie polarizing the ratings. It’s right on the border of a good pizza and one worth traveling a bit for ranging from high 7s to low 8s. I believe this is one of the better pies in Stamford, CT and its unique smell and sauce are worth making a trip of over a half hour. The scores may vary but most will agree this is very good pizza.