Pizza Review
It’s been a long time since I had a killer bar pie and this place checks all the boxes!!! This place has been around since 1926 and serves up legendary paper thin pizzas. The crust is exactly what you look for, thin, crispy first bite to last and had a nice amount of pocketing throughout with great almost buttery flavor underneath. As thin as it is and cut into smaller slices, they hold up perfect to what’s a pretty good amount of cheese and sauce for a bar pie. The sauce is very zesty like it should be with a little bit of herbation and more than you see with this style, not a complaint but compliment as it does to the cheese. Perfect amount cooked just right and really the major flavor factor here, it’s awesome and a must try!! The place itself has an awesome oldschool vibe, wood booths look like they’re as old as the building and the service was fast and friendly with a lot of the other people coming in seeming like regulars. Amazing pizzadventure:)