Pizza Review
🍺BEST BAR PIE ALERT🍺 Established in 1926, The Mountain House is known for its legendary thin crust bar pie. Some pretty lofty expectations and high hopes coming into this review were not only met, but exceeded. Highlighted by the razor thin, super crunchy, cracker-like dough, definitely gives off Pete & Elda’s vibes, with that unique crisp & taste. This is the perfect appetizer pie…the kind you can slam down with a few beers while watching the game. Bigger than personal size, divided into several small sliver slices, making this a shareable pizza that goes down like water. The cheese is tight and sharp like most bar pies, but not rigid; also melty and somewhat creamy in some areas. The sauce is scintillatingly sweet, zesty, terrifically tangy, fabulously flavorful and delightfully delicious. The balance among the dough, sauce, and cheese is nearly perfect…excellently executed. There’s only a couple of drawbacks keeping this from scoring in the 9s. The cracker-like dough isn’t for everyone and can be very dry at times. Also, because the pie is so light and airy, it’s not very filling; perhaps adding some toppings will help make it more satiating. Nevertheless, this is a crispy, crunchy, tantalizingly tasty, beautiful bar pie that challenges some of the best bar pies of all time. This is travel-worthy, must-try pizza, especially if you’re a fan of bar pies.