Pizza Review
Blotto… Let’s start with the best part - the dough, although is had a tiny bit of flop it was still very crisp and light. The dough tasted like sourdough with was pleasant and complimented the rest of the ingredients. The cheese - the cheese was good, definitely can tell they use quality cheese but I wish they used a bit more of a salty cheese like Romano or reggiano. Either way, still good. The SAUCE - to be honest the sauce was a bit lacking flavor which is disappointing and the reason it’s not a higher score. You can tell they use good tomatoes but again, not much salt. I love a pizza with a good sauce and this one didn’t have it. I’m surprised because they have a tomato pie on their menu which made me jump to the conclusion that their sauce has to be good but I was wrong. Overall solid pizza, definitely one of the better pizzas in Seattle.