Pizza Review
A very special pizza review for my 200th! I feel like I’ve tried all the places in Pittsburgh so when I fly across the country I make it a mission to find the best pizza. This place was exceptional. They’re only open from 5-9, and thank god for them because if they were open any longer their hands would fall off. This place had a line from the time they opened until the time they sold out at about 7:30. I forgot to order a drink and it took me 30 minutes until the line died down enough where I could get a beer. The pizza itself was spectacular. It was cooked perfectly, the cheese was delicious and little morsels were shredded upon the crust to give it some extra flavor. I thought the sauce had an amazing taste and the fresh basil provided a fun spark to the pizza as well. What I liked about the basil is all eight slices had a proportionate amount of it. Usually when pizzas have basil on them, some slices you get a lot and some you don’t get any at all. Definitely not the case here! I can’t reccomend this place anymore. I wanted to eat in the restaurant, so they were nice enough for me to find a corner and chill and eat. I happily waited 45 minutes for this pizza, and ate the entire thing with no hesitation. I was getting compliments from the staff how well I did eating this pizza. Shoutout to this place getting my trip to Seattle getting started on a fantastic note.