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Pizza Review
If you’re wearing a thin shirt or no bra BE CAREFUL! It is very cold in this place during the winter if you just order pizza and sit down. Your NIPPLES will get HARD. Anyway, the place doesn’t have a smooth operation. They need to figure out their processes with getting their orders, putting it in the oven, and giving it to the customer. After my third slice, I ordered another one and the guy at the register put my slice on top of the oven for an indefinite amount of time because he did not see me sitting at the table in front of him. However, they are very nice in this place. A little too nice. The one guy at the podium kept talking to my girlfriend whenever I got up. It made me feel emasculated and little. However, he was pretty cute so I’d rate him at a 8.3. For the pizza I start with the crust. The ratio at the end of the slice was just a little too much crust. It was perfectly crispy and had a charred flavor to it. It also had residual which I love. The bottom of the pizza was very very floppy and greasy. It was way too floppy and it lost its structural integrity very easily. The cheese to sauce ratio may be just a little too much cheese. It also created that soupy thing that happens when it’s too hot with too much cheese. It had a very hard time sticking to the floppy crust. However, with that being said... it was delicious. The cheese was fresh and the sauce tasted like it was made with love. I enjoyed the sauce so much that I ordered a marinara slice which just has sauce and no cheese. This is one of my favorite spots actually on Long Island. I do believe I just had a below average slice today compared to my other times here but they get one shot at it like everyone else. I recommend going to this place if you’re in the area. They just have some needed refinement for their processes.
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