Pizza Review
What happened? Unfortunately, I have to make my rating based on the pizza that I was provided. Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Giordano's stuffed pizza and have been eating it most of my life. Today, I went with the thin crust. I don't ever remember their thin crust and not exceptionally enjoying it, but not this time. I ordered pickup online with a 12:00-12:15 pickup time. I showed up almost exactly at 12:00. Can't blame a guy for making sure he hits the earliest time of the window in case its early, right? It wasn't ready, which was perfectly fine! I can always wait for a good pizza. I could tell the staff was a little frazzled and the cashier told the cook (in Spanish) that the pizza had a 12:00 time (I understand Spanish). It was given to me about 5 minutes later, sweet. The dining room was pretty packed for lunch on a week day, so they may have been behind. When I opened the box, well, it didn't look like their normal thin crust. Just.... different. When I started to eat it, I concluded I got what I call a "lazy pizza". Uneven distribution of sauce and very little at that, some sausage pieces could've been cooked longer, and crust with a very thin crispy bottom then slightly too doughy as the crust rose. What I got was a classic case of, "let's put the pizza in the hotter part of the oven so it cooks quicker." An obvious sign of this was the cheese unevenly browned on top. To the naked eye (looking at my picture provided) it looks okay, but look at it compared to their other thin crust pizza pictures; completely different. Was it horrible? No. However, I am disappointed that this was given to me carelessly. I really hope this location doesn't fall victim to the O'Hare Airport tourist/businessmen dinner laziness. Stick to what you know and continue to make quality pizza much like the downtown locations. With that being said, I won't be in a hurry to come back unless it's to get their stuffed pizza.