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Pizza Review
🍅BEST TOMATO PIE ALERT🍅 Going all the way back to 1912, Papa’s claims to be the oldest tomato pie restaurant in the United States; despite moving locations a few times, they have been in Robbinsville for close to a decade. Just like their rival De Lorenzo’s, Papa’s serves old school, classic, traditional, round tomato pies with an exquisitely crispy texture that matches a fantastically flavorful taste. You’d be hard pressed to find a more delicious smelling pizza. The dough is on the thin side, fabulously firm, incredibly crispy, particularly when it comes to the outrageously crunchy crust. As terrific as the dough is, the star of the pie is the super sweet and delectably delicious crushed tomatoes that are blended into more of a sauce than just laid atop the pie in their natural state. A little olive oil and salt give the pie some flavor but there seems to be some added spices and ingredients that bolster the overall taste. The cheese is the weakest aspect of the pie, rigidly firm and plastered on the dough with a little bit of char on the bubbles, but still very tasty and works in concert with the tomatoes. All of the ingredients are perfectly in sync, emanating an olfactory sensation as well as a tantalizing taste explosion. While I usually prefer a more traditional sauce and cheese pie, this is truly fantastic, a great change of pace pizza. One of the best pies in NJ, it’s definitely worth making a pilgrimage for, and comes really close to matching some of the great pizza New Haven has to offer.